Conductive Polymers
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Irvine Chemistry Lab has been developing a new conductive polymer
(CP) system.  The CPs possess a unique combination of beneficial
properties, e.g. being electrically conductive, corrosion-resistant and
inexpensive.  Their applications range from lightning strike protection
(LSP), electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, to photothermo
therapy (PTT).   Many progresses have been made and applications
been developed.  In spite of this, the CP materials are either difficult to
process, or processable but requiring a special technique such as spin
coating, rendering it less attractive for many common uses.   In the
attempt to resolve the issue, we take advantage of the highly
processable nature of the
in situ polymerization, i.e., a low viscous
solution of starting materials is conveniently processed, e.g., spraying
onto the substrate surfaces before the polymerization is triggered to
form the coating film.  The benefit is obvious, easy and inexpensive to
process.  However, such an approach would require the chemistry to
efficiently incorporate necessary functional groups to maintain or
enhance the properties such as conductivity and mechanical
strength.    For that purpose, we developed a novel chemistry, in which
multiple functional groups may be simultaneously grafted into the CP
molecule.  The chemical reaction is mild, clean and quantitative in
many cases;  the quality of the resultant material can be tailored by
properly tuning the structural functionality.  Therefore we are able to
construct an easy-to-process multi-functional CP solution for a variety
of potential applications.   We recently developed and marketed the
Lyz™ assay kits, a chemical sensor product for the applications of
amine and protein determinations.  With the advantages the
technology offers, we will continue to build upon the existing expertise
in development, production, and sales of practically useful CP
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