Chemical Research and Development
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Irvine Chemistry Lab is a chemical research and development company.
We specialize in synthesis and development of conductive polymers, and
drug-like compounds.  We provide specialty materials for industry and bio
assay kits for research labs based on our novel technology in conductive
polymers. We strive to build a strong portfolio to meet the unmet demands
in the market.

What We Provide

Assay Kits: The  X-Lyz™ assay is a simple procedure
for amine determination and protein quantitation in solution and solid.  The
end-point of color development is kinetically stable. The assay has a broad
linear range up to 10,000µg/mL.  
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Custom Synthesis:  The experienced staff at Irvine Chemistry Laboratory
design and carry out multi-step synthesis of complex organic molecules
from milligram to multi-kilogram scales.  
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Conductive Polymers:   We provide services in process development of
conductive polymers such as synthesis and preparation of fiber, coating
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Catalog Products:  We provide a variety of compounds pteridines,
aminophosphonates, pyridines, amino acids, to meet your needs in
chemical development.  
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